Thursday, November 21, 2013


Happy Hunger Games ! I love this movie so much seriously :) Went to watch today with the boyfriend and i prefer them to be together ! Part 2 of Hunger Games is not under my expectation .. so sad but I'm looking forward on Part 3
Really hope Part 3 they can be together :/ They are cute and sweet ! Aren't they ? :)  

Back to my reality ! 
Suppose studying at the midnight moment while wasting my time for blog.. hahaha ! I'm stressed in this semester. I know i did badly for all my assignment and mid-test.. and no one really believe what i say . :/ Sound so sarcastic but truly, i know i had done badly .. 
So, here am I to express my feelings and spend emo night today :) 

Even I'm stressed on my study.. there is still something that makes my month so wonderful :) 20th November 2013  ♥️ our half year anniversary ^____^ 

Picture really told everything ! Im seriously so happy that i can been with this tiny and bad boyfriend for so many days :)  ♥️ Half year sound so little to celebrate.. Maybe quite annoying too, but that the best part of us :) We no need other people comment to be sweet . WE are so sweet and love each other  ♥️ 

To be truth, this fella really tooo much sweet and care and love. Care and sweet OVERLOADED !! He treat me just like a small little girl or maybe a new born baby. Hahaha, precious enough to be protected! heheh ^__^ I cant denied the passion of him towards me :) So happy and glad that he didnt't feel boring with me. Honestly, I'm a lady with lots of realistic mind.. Everything cant be so fairytale and dreaming.. Life is so much realistic and doesn't romantic or happy enough.. 

We knew each other for 1 year plus.. Everytime i wish time comes back to Nov 2012 cause everything just like a dream to me  ♥️ Imagine back the moment we knew each other awkwardly, shy and happy.. Best moment after ! 

Guess i need to stop here cause I'm like writing nonsense at 2.43am hehe 
Bye ! :D

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