Thursday, November 21, 2013


Happy Hunger Games ! I love this movie so much seriously :) Went to watch today with the boyfriend and i prefer them to be together ! Part 2 of Hunger Games is not under my expectation .. so sad but I'm looking forward on Part 3
Really hope Part 3 they can be together :/ They are cute and sweet ! Aren't they ? :)  

Back to my reality ! 
Suppose studying at the midnight moment while wasting my time for blog.. hahaha ! I'm stressed in this semester. I know i did badly for all my assignment and mid-test.. and no one really believe what i say . :/ Sound so sarcastic but truly, i know i had done badly .. 
So, here am I to express my feelings and spend emo night today :) 

Even I'm stressed on my study.. there is still something that makes my month so wonderful :) 20th November 2013  ♥️ our half year anniversary ^____^ 

Picture really told everything ! Im seriously so happy that i can been with this tiny and bad boyfriend for so many days :)  ♥️ Half year sound so little to celebrate.. Maybe quite annoying too, but that the best part of us :) We no need other people comment to be sweet . WE are so sweet and love each other  ♥️ 

To be truth, this fella really tooo much sweet and care and love. Care and sweet OVERLOADED !! He treat me just like a small little girl or maybe a new born baby. Hahaha, precious enough to be protected! heheh ^__^ I cant denied the passion of him towards me :) So happy and glad that he didnt't feel boring with me. Honestly, I'm a lady with lots of realistic mind.. Everything cant be so fairytale and dreaming.. Life is so much realistic and doesn't romantic or happy enough.. 

We knew each other for 1 year plus.. Everytime i wish time comes back to Nov 2012 cause everything just like a dream to me  ♥️ Imagine back the moment we knew each other awkwardly, shy and happy.. Best moment after ! 

Guess i need to stop here cause I'm like writing nonsense at 2.43am hehe 
Bye ! :D

Monday, November 4, 2013

Its November :)

Good morning :) Its 1.10am now and I'm decided to wrote my blog again . Blink you eyes, its already November 2013, two more month to wrap year 2013 :)

Today, is a sad day for me. I want to bet my life once seriously. What if my life goes without you? Do i really can bare all my life without you? Will you really let me go just for a small incident? Torn of questions in my head and i just can't even think properly just now :/ We love each other for sure, but the way we think, we behave, our attitude cause everything ruin :( 
This is the first time ; but this will be the last time :)

We know each other for 1 year already ♥️ :) So happy and finally we went through together for almost one year . Love need to build by our trust, our relationship, our strength to make it more precious :) Even we always argue for small matter, i do appreciate everything he brought to me . From the first day we met until now, i never give up him never want to let him go .. cause i know my life will perfect if been with him  :) ♥️

He complain about the passion i have towards him is getting lesser :( Sound so hurt when i heard it.. He say i getting lesser on uploading blog, write lovebyte, expressing my feel in twitter and bla bla bla :( But, how come he never realise how much love i gave when I'm uploading photo in instagram :( Shit you baby :@ 

Recently i addicted to something new :P watching him playing dota2 hahaha! Many people think that watching boyfriend play dota is totally a stupid and annoying thing .. but i felt loved :) I feel so much close to him when he play dota cause he is so concentrate and so charming while playing :) **even the game is lose :P hehehe ♥️

Let me throwback a while :) sweet moment should cherish everytime ^__^

October is my month ! We went to the 1st trip which is Penang, Malaysia. Even we went to other state, but i really feel so much appreciate and loved. He is just treat me like princess and we try lot of new thing also :P ♥️ Penang 3 days 2 nights trip was so much fun and thanks for the hotel we stay, we able to ate delicious breakfast and sweet dinner ^___^

This is the 1st time i went to trip by plane :) Thanks to the stupid boyfriend 

Another wonderful moment will be 26 October 2013       The day where baby accompany me for 24 hours. 

That day just too much for me :) cant even express much on my feeling cause what i speak doesn't really reflect my feeling toward that day.. What i can is, loving you is the luckiest thing i ever get ♥️ 

Finally my birthday celebration came to end specially thanks for my lovely boyfriend who treat me like princess today ♥️ everything that came from today 
Lunch, movie, cake, dinner, present and surprise was totally too much and I'm seriously so glad and happy to be with you ♥️ love you ♥️

♥️ i love you jason yong 

Saturday, July 13, 2013


When you are alone in the midnights, everything will appear in your mind even you are concentrating doing your work. Yeah, truly distracted by thinking the stupid boyfriend who enjoying his nightlife with his friends :) 

Hopefully he is not going anywhere and don't saying any single bad words about me! :P

HAHA! Wonder ever you guys think about sacrificing one thing to another ? Or maybe I should start with asking staying a good friendship with a guy or staying love with your boyfriend is more important? Of course I bet everyone is saying staying love with your own boyfriend will be more important ! Indeed. He might the one who you last love and he will be the one who stay at your side even you happy or sad :) 

I'm sorry for sacrificing you in order to makes my relationship with him more stable. To be truth, If I had a choice I hope that I can maintain both sides! Unfortunately, life is fair right ? No one can escaping by choosing the one you need the most. So, I had chosen the one the most importance ! 

Sound selfish, but I got no choice. 

 Staying with the one you love is much more important :3

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


最近雾越来越严重在 MALAYSIA !大家要喝多水,少外出,带口罩哦 :) 
今天还蛮无聊,因为天气的缘故 弄到很多课暂停了。今天明天都只有一课而已。

有时不懂是不是上天的安排。我发觉当我开始上大学时,我的改变还蛮多 但改变的定义不懂是好还是坏,只能慢慢发觉自己的问题 :) 但我喜欢我现在的生活,去学校可以天天看到他,24小时天天粘在一起! *幸福幸福   

不知不觉已近认识他236天了:) 认识的时间不长但也不短。至少在这200多天我慢慢知道他的用心,细心,关心,爱心,单纯,保护 和 霸道。 哈哈!不懂你觉得不觉得你慢慢开始变回原本的你 :) 天天可以看见你,逗你,弄你 还真的满幸福的 :D 

当然,我也开始变回以前的我。说真的,我知道自己是野蛮女友 所以我不爽不喜欢就会给丑脸 你发觉嘛?你当然发觉啦,你知道了就会骂我生气我 让后给我看那可怕的眼神 :( 不过,让我很温暖的是,就算你气我 你也不会放我走 不会丢下我不管 不会不理我 :) 说真的,没有不吵架的情侣 但不会因为吵架而不再不理你   

你天天都怕你太过保护我,怕我订不顺,怕我觉得烦,怕我危险,怕我吃亏,怕我糊里糊涂做事,怕我不照顾自己,怕我寂寞,怕我饿,怕我生气,怕我这个怕我那个  但你知不知道其实如果有一天你不再怕的时候,那时我就会很怕很怕! 我已经习惯你的对待,你说 我还能怕什么?   

其实,我爱你的方式很不同。我不会嘴里说出爱你的话,只会说反话 HAHAHA! 不懂你发不发觉当你跟你的朋友说; 我有小惠就够了! 我就会傻傻的说;哈? :D  我不会表达出来 因为我很害羞 很开心 也很窝心。 有时你说甜言蜜语时,我就会假假听不到 让后就不理你 不给你反应 失望吗? 对不起哦 :)


情爱的,我爱你 :) 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dating day with desserts :D

Guess every youngster will give it a try :D

Malaysian is good in promoting those unique and special "food"! HAHAHA, youngster nowadays love to show off what current activity they do and post it in instagram or facebook! So, DO I :D *I'm still youngster :D

Dating with my lovely boyfriend with another couple. Most of my university mate is having partner be their side, so do I :) Hehehe. Actually, at first we planning go to Grand Hyatt Hotel for tea session but because we park our car at Farenheit 88 and by walking distance we able to reach Grand Hyatt Hotel, we stop in Pavilion to try "something new" -- Nitrogen Ice Cream :) 

Its look delicious ; but for me it just a normal ice cream with gases HAHA! 

credited to my babie :) helping me taking photos while waiting the ice cream done ! :P

Sooner, we went from pavilion to the KLCC as Grand Hyatt Hotel just beside the KLCC Convention Centre. To be truth, I'm so happy to go such place with my boy as this is the first time I'm going such high class place just to get a tea session :) Its like trying a new thing with my boy :) Amazing feelings. Oops :P

This is the desserts. Its nice but toooo sweet for me :P 

I love the environment cause the place its just in front of the KLCC building 

took so many picture with bie, but no one is nice :( so , just post a ugly photo of me and you :)

Be grateful that I'm able to be the one I love. Going somewhere new and eating something unique but not with you, I guess I wouldn't be as happy as that. I'm happy that I earn something bonus today as I able to try something new with him together :) I always been so appreciate the moment with him even just a small dating or go to have a lunch :) Not being silly but I think those moment is more than enough :)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Year One Semester 3

Guess someone always waiting for my newpost :D

In a blink of eyes, this is my last semester in year one. Ohhh, time really flies :O . Its already in the middle year of 2013. I still cannot imagine how fast the time passes, 3 more years for graduate!

Congrats to me for my results! HAHAH :) In semester two, able to get 3.7 pointer over 4 :P kinda happy for this result ! But, i'll work more harder in this semester ! Hell yeah man ! :P

Today, had some arguement with mr yong T___T. Due to someone and something and some words make us argue so badly :( Fortunately, we only argue for 2 hours and we back to sweet sweet again :) I'm consider as lucky right? :P

Some photos that i wanna upload in my facebook neither instagram but, cant ! TT

Love you always :)

Our combination photos :P

Short post :P 
more to come :D

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Finally I'm free to update my invisible blog :D 

Actually this blog got no reader except Mr Yong :) I guess no one still remember my blog link as the link is quite no meaning. Hahaha :) But never mind, the purpose of writing these is just for expressing my feelings towards what he did to me these few days  :) One important reader is more than enough . 

May 20 2013 ; 5202013 
An important date that I guess I will never forget. Of course, many couple will never forget such a lovely day cause the date represent "I LOVE YOU" when we translate it Chinese. However, he made me a surprise that I never know, never expect and never dream of :) 

He lie to me since morning! He lie to me that his stomach doesn't feeling well. Therefore, he quickly rush back home and dump me aside walking back to home. T___T . I'm afraid  as its late night and one girl walking back is super dangerous. 

But, he giving me such a surprise that melts my heart ! 

He did all these to me. Im shocked and happy. Surprise doesn't need to use lots of money but sincerity! He give me so much happiness and I feel like I'm a little princess to him. With the song and environment, I feel so touched and can't even react and response :) I just feel very thankful for what you did to me. :)